Just announced!

Now in its 23rd year, the Jay Chiat Awards recognizes the best strategic thinking in marketing, media and advertising around the world.

“Good enough is not enough.”

— Jay Chiat

The world of marketing is changing faster than ever. But no matter how fast marketing communications evolves, excellent strategy remains a cornerstone of meaningful consumer engagements.

The global 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards recognizes the best strategic thinking in our industry. Where awards for creativity and effectiveness reward the output, the Jay Chiat Awards recognizes the input. Last year’s winners demonstrated how great strategies lead to ideas that engage us, move us to action, and even change the way we see the world.


The extraordinary strategy that led to an extraordinary idea.

A great Jay Chiat Awards entry should capture breakthrough thinking that led to breakthrough execution: the extraordinary strategy that led to an extraordinary idea.

We honor planning and strategy from all creative companies: media agencies, advertising agencies, brand consultancies, brand owners, designers, digital shops, innovation firms, public relations agencies, and beyond.

And we honor all forms of strategy: the consumer insight, the reframing of a problem, the re-articulation of a brand, the inspirational brief, the groundbreaking connections plan, the previously unspoken truth, the lateral use of data, the breakthrough in user experience—and any combination of these strategies.

The greatest Jay Chiat Awards papers have redefined what strategy can do for a brand. Just as Ogilvy defined a new future and a new role for communication to create IBM’s Smarter Planet, and R/GA fused behavioral economics and design thinking to develop Nike Fuel, we invite you to tell the stories of the contributions of your strategic thinking to your brand’s success.

Each entry should address:

  1. What was the situation?

  2. What was the starting hypothesis?

  3. What was the strategic breakthrough, and how did you arrive at the insight?

  4. What was the creative idea supporting the strategy?

  5. What was the outcome?

Please include any attributable quotes from your partners, creatives, client services, and clients about the contribution planning and thinking made to the idea.

Good luck!