The judges have to agree to an NDA before reviewing and judging entries.

A goal of the Jay Chiat Awards is to share the learning. Winning case studies will be published on the Jay Chiat website, the Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF) and WARC.

If you are a short-listed winner, there are two publication options:

  1. You give the 4A’s, AEF and WARC permission to publish the entry paper as entered. You also give the 4A's and AEF and case study video or selected creative examples as entered.

  2. You provide a revised paper and/or case study video removing proprietary or sensitive material. If you wish to provide a revised written case study or case study video, please use this WUFOO Form.


The 4A’s plans to publish the award-winning case studies, and possibly include selected creative, in the “Winners” section of the Jay Chiat website.

AEF Publication

The Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF) is a non-profit organization created by the advertising industry that brings academia and the industry together to discuss advertising and its role in society. Together with AEF’s on-campus programs, the AEF site,, delivers educational content to college students and professors as a way to encourage interest in, and better understanding of, advertising by using award-winning creative, book excerpts, case histories and more as classroom tools. Among others, the CLIOs, OBIEs and Multicultural Excellence Awards have, for years, allowed the AEF to create online exhibits of select award winners.

WARC Publication

WARC is partnering with the 4A’s to publish shortlisted entries papers. Please know that the 4A’s does not provide creative examples to WARC.